Bleutral's East Coast Summer Playlist

What is Bleutral is listening to?

When walking into Bleutral, a mix of blue, neutral and pastel colors fill your eyes; the smell of Boyfriend room spray enters your nose and acoustic summer sounds graces your ears. Together, this little shop gives off all the East Coast summer feels. Here are 10 songs that have been on repeat at Bleutral that compliment the coastal vibes. 

  1. “Watermelon Moonshine” - Lainey Wilson

This country song is about a young summer love. Wilson’s southern sparkle mixed with the tune’s sweet lyrics, make this song the perfect shoreside listen. Lyrics like “Too young to know what love was | But we were learnin’ on a sweet buzz,” can remind older listeners of their adolescent love life and can make younger listeners excited for their first look at love. Like this song, Bleutral is perfect for all ages and can make you feel both nostalgia and excitement when entering the shop. 

  1.  “When Emma Falls in Love” - Taylor Swift 

On July 7, Taylor Swift released “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).” Track number 18, “When Emma Falls in Love,” brings us back to Swift's country days and we are here for it. “Emma” is referenced as “Little Miss Sunshine” and “the kind of book that you can’t put down” throughout the song. Bleutral gives off an aura of sunshine and is the kind of store you can’t step out of. 

  1. “7 Summers” - Morgan Wallen

“7 Summers” is the ultimate feel-good summer song, and because Morgan Wallen will be performing in Massachusetts in just a few days, he has been on Bleutral’s radio constantly. This tune is about remembering a past summer love and reminiscing on the good days spent with them. 

  1. “Memory Lane” - Old Dominion

Like “7 Summers,” this song is about missing a past relationship. Old Dominion sings “Thinkin’ bout those sunsets that bled into jean jacket nights,” which can remind listeners about the magical feeling of summer sunsets. This country tune has us feeling all the summer spirits, and Bleutral has all the necessities to make a sunset perfect. 

  1. “I’m Not Pretty” - Megan Moroney

This tune has the perfect amount of Southern charm. This song is about not listening to what others think of you and being true to yourself which is a vital mindset while shopping. With its sweet-sounding melodies and heartfelt bridge, this song is a perfect listen while browsing in Bleutral.

  1. “24/7/365” - Surfaces

Although this song came out in 2017, it’s still a bop today. This R&B-styled song is about the feeling of being in the sunshine all the time, or 24/7/365. Because the beach is a quick five-minute walk from Bleutral, this tune is perfect for those sunshine-filled days of shopping and swimming. It’s impossible not to sway along to this song. 

  1. “Stay” - Graice Abrams

Unlike the other songs mentioned, this song is on the slower side. Listen to this song on a rainy day on the Cape while wearing a cozy sweater from Bleutral. Gracie Abrams often references New England states in her music, adding to the East Coast feels.

  1. “Dancin’ In the Country” - Tyler Hubbard

The fun beats and feel-good lyrics of this county tune make it a great tune for a summer tailgate. Get your Bleutral cowboy boots and hat on, and dance around to this tune while soaking in the sun. Just like Hubbard sings, “Get your boots on baby,” and dance. 

  1. “Canyon Moon” - Harry Styles 

In this song, Styles sings about “a time under the canyon moon.” He talks about going home to a place he loves, just like many do before coming down to the Cape. The jumpy rhythm of this song paired with its wholesome lyrics, will put you in summer mode. 

  1. “This Life” - Vampire Life 

This tune is about going through life while living on the shore. Lyrics like “Baby, I know pain is as natural as the rain | I just thought it didn’t rain in California,” can provide listeners with the warm feeling of California sun.  Grab Bleutrals “Bask” sunscreen and hit the beach! 


Written By: Talia Macchi

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